From 1.5 mm to 100 mm. Standard shapes either calibrated or free sizes. Modern cuts - no native cuts with heavy bottoms or windows. Fancy and Free form shapes in Singles, Pairs or Multiples. We can also cut according to your diagrams and specifications.

We have long experience in faceting Sapphires from Sri Lanka, Montana, Yogo, Umba and Tunduru, in addition to other varieties of colored stones like Mexican Opals, Aquamarines, Tourmalines, Amethysts, Citrines, Spinels, Garnets etc etc.

Facetting Gallery


From 2 mm upto 100 mm. Standard and unusual shapes either calibrated or free sizes with bottom flat or curved and with or without a bevel. Dome could be low, medium or high as per your specs. Free form shapes also possible in Singles, Pairs or Multiples. We also cab Stars and Cats Eyes.

In order to maintain consistency in size and shape, all standard sized and shaped cabs are done by machines, while all freeform and fancy shaped cabs are done by hand.

No tumble polishing is done on any of our cabs, as all are polished individually by hand to obtain a fine finish.

Cabbing Gallery


Ultra-sonic drilling facilities are also available.


Ceylon Sapphires International has recently ventured into the manufacture of jewellery on custom orders for export, primarily using natural stones set in silver and gold. Samples of our work can be seen on the Jewellery Gallery page.

Jewellery Gallery