Please contact us by email or by telephone to find out more details about our rates. It would be helpful if you include the following details in your enquiry:

Shipping Procedures

Address the invoice/parcel to our Dehiwela address which can be found on the Contact Us page. Please email (intergem@eureka.lk) us a copy of an invoice and place a copy inside the package as well. The invoice should include the following details:

Please note to include this statement in your invoice: “Sent on No Foreign Exchange Basis for processing and return to us.”

You may send it to us either by Registered Post, Air Freight or Courier and our return shipment too would be as per your advice.

Any specific processing instructions can be placed inside the parcel with a copy emailed to us . Clear instructions help us to process your work efficiently.

Payment Terms

On completion of the parcel we will forward the invoice to wire the payment to our bank. Shipment will be made as soon as the funds are received.